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Christmas'd Stories

I had the privilege of Christmasing an older lady @ Walmart today. At first she said, "No No No!" But then she said, "Thank you." & I gave her the card and told her about our church. I was so excited with her positive reaction that I left Walmart with their blue cart in my hand! Of course I returned it. What a blessing to help others! What an idea! What a church!! #newhopeMinistry #IGotChristmasD #YouGotChristmasD

I had the perfect opportunity yesterday at the Taco Bell in Hope Valley. The car behind me in the drive-thru lane had already ordered as I was paying my bill. I gave the cashier a $20 and a You Got Christmas'D card and asked her if I could purchase the meal for the person in the car behind me. What I didn't expect was the reaction from the cashier...she put on the biggest most awesome smile as she came to understand what was going on. Then she slowly said "Ohhh...that's so sweet". She rung up the bill and gave me the receipt and my change along with a big smile. I took off and returned back to work thinking about how cool and easy it was to bless multiple people with one gift. I can't wait to do another.​

God has challenged me to be anything but normal. I have been praying that God would help me get my car paid off and then I can pay off school loans. Well, my car broke down and I felt as if the only logical choice was to get a new car. I have been praying since the summer that God would help me get my car repaired so I wouldn't have to buy a new one. Well, I discovered that it would cost $4,000+ to get it fixed. Again, buying a newer car seemed to make sense. However God had different plans. He reminded me that I must hold on to the desire he placed in my heart to get debt free even though, with my auto situation it seemed as if I was going to have to go in debt yet again. God moved the heart of someone in the church to pay for my car to be fully repaired to the point that I will be able to pay it off and not go into debt for another car. Just a couple of weeks ago, I was at a hopeless crossroads and had no idea what to do, but take matters into my own hands. However, I did my best although at times I was ready to throw in the towel, and God provided. Over the past couple of weeks He has been blessing me so much that I am in absolute awe of all that God is doing. I got Christmas'D BIG time at a moment when I felt all was lost. My faith is soaring and I am learning the limitless love of my Savior.

To make a long story short. I prayed before I left my home yesterday and I said, "God help me to see a need beside me...help me to be a blessing to someone today". I got into my car and lo and behold...I got Christmas'D with a gas gift card...and no, I do not leave my car unlocked. I was Christmas'D by my son who has a key. As I was leaving Wal-Mart later that evening, a gentleman who was from another country was broke down at the intersection. I yelled out of my window to see if he needed a jump and he said yes. He was driving a Mercedes Benz which made it difficult to get to the battery. After some fancy maneuvering, we were able to get the batteries close together but neither one of us could see in the dark the battery cables. As the gentleman was becoming more frustrated...God sent Angels to help us. A couple walked by and the gentleman asked them to help us. The man put the cables on the battery and his wife held the cell phone over the engine for light. After we got his car started...the couple asked if one of us could take them home. The gentleman was taking off but not before I could get him a card letting him know that he had been Christmas'D and then I gave the couple a ride to their home and gave them a card letting them know they had just been Christmas'D. It was a wonderful day for all and I think lots of Christmas love was spread around in my life and the lives of others yesterday.

I got Christmas'D with a dollar on the drink machine at my job! It helped a lot on a particularly stressful day at work.

I was privileged today to Christmas an older gentleman at Walmart. The look on his face of surprise & appreciation was priceless !! The blessing was all mine ! #IGotChristmasD #YouGotChristmasD

My daughter, Ashley, works at Michaels on Renaissance Parkway. She took her break one night at Subway and realized after ordering her usual she didn't have her wallet. She told me a lady was eating in and over heard her telling the cashier that she didn't have her money. She said that lady proceeded to pay for her dinner and gave her the You Got Christmas'D card. She was so excited as she was telling me the story. Because she has never been to newhope, I told her what the whole idea was and told her that she had to now do the same. She said that she would use the card on one of her classmates at Jordan High during lunch. Thanks for such an awesome way of sharing love during this Christmas and I pray that it doesn't end in December!!

Got Christmas'D by a guy in front of us at McDonalds drive-thru. What a surprise! My young friend (10 years old) with me has an inoperable brain tumor and there are very few things (less than 10 foods) he can tolerate to eat. One of those is chocolate chip cookies from Mickey D's. How wonderfully special to be able to share with him the kindness of others at Christmas and to see the joy on his face at the thought that someone had done that for him. I hope the man who did this for us is able to read this as that little boy is terminal and you gave him one of his true joys! It was the McDonald's on US 1 in Tramway. It truly touched my heart!!!!! May God Bless you all for what you are doing in spreading the message of Christ!

I love this You Got Christmas'D series and we should do this all year long!! My 2 daughters and I were at IHop today and decided to Christmas 2 people having lunch..as we sat there and asked for the bills the waitress said that they never had this happen before! She told us that someone else paid for our lunches!! We are truly blessed and will continue doing this in the name of Christ!

My grandchildren and I were going through the McDonald's drive-thru last night and picked up the bill for the car behind us. I'm not sure who was happier, them or us :)​

Today we went to the mall about 2 hours before church to Christmas people. I had the idea to go to build-a-bear workshop and build a bear to give to a random kid. One group made a puppy and the other a bear. My group went to give the puppy to a little boy. We went up to him and gave the puppy to the boy. His whole face lit up! He grabbed the puppy and said thank you. It felt so good to that and I want to do again next year but for a girl.

I am a city carrier for Chapel Hill and everyday I pass by the guy on 15-501 holding up a Tracy's Deli sign trying to drum up some business. I Christmas'D him with a gift card to the Outback Steakhouse! It feels so good to be a giver because I am so blessed!


​I went to Florida, last week to move my 85 year old mom. She was down sizing and had an abundance of furniture. I have been so impressed with the You Got Christmas'D program that I shared it with my mom and sister. My sister knew of a young mom and here three young children who live in a small apartment and only had a couch, portable table and two chairs. They all slept together on a mattress on the floor. Our last truck load was to this young mom's home where we delivered a full bedroom set, recliner, end tables, TV and numerous kitchenwares. I handed her a You Got Christmas'D card. What a joy it was for me to see that new mom hug my 85 year old mom and hear my mom thank her for the opportunity to serve her.

I was Christmas'D by newhope church yesterday and through that act I was able to apply it towards Christmas 2013. My family and I are so blessed to have a newhope family that loves on us just like Christ loves the world.

My life group got together last night to bless a young couple who will be stuck in the hospital over Christmas due to a high-risk pregnancy. Together we decorated Christmas cookies for them, one member made a dinner and we gathered holiday goodies to "Christmas" them a little while they aren't able to be home. 

I broke down crying in our women's group this past Tuesday night over how our family of 7 is struggling to tithe and put food on the table. I felt so bad because I didn't tithe this past Sunday since we had no food at home. The next thing I know, our family starting receiving blessings from anonymous people in the way of money and gift cards. What a blessing it is to be a part of this newhope family. Our family will be forever grateful! Thank you-- know who you are!

The day before I got Christmas'D was rough and I took some time to pray and thank God for my blessings. The next day, I checked my phone and I found a message from a friend asking me to visit her at her office. When I got there her secretary handed me an envelope with a nice Christmas card with some messages from acquaintances that I haven't seen in a long time and $70.00 dollars cash. I realized how, even in the dark times, God has plans to prosper you. God works through my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ. I am praising Him!

I know a family that is struggling to make ends meet as the father lost his job and mom has been a stay at home mom. I know that must be even more difficult during the holiday season. Obviously, they have no money to spend on tickets to events. So I Christmas'D them with some tickets to Disney on Ice so they could have a fun night out with their 4-year-old daughter. They were so thankful and seeing the pics of her dressed as a princess having fun at the show made my heart happy.

I picked up lunch for a co worker having a rotten day! I knew what her favorite lunch spot was so I ran and picked up lunch and delivered it to her along with the You Got Christmas'd card. It was nice to see her tears of sadness turn to tears of joy when she realized people do care.

My daughter and I just bought lunch for the lady in the van behind us at the Chik-Fil-A drive-thru! She didn't look too happy... and we pray it blessed her day! The guy at the drive-thru window couldn't believe it! :) I love the fact that we are doing this...and putting feet to our "good news"! Side benefit: my daughter is LOVING this and seeing her faith put into action! ;) I am totally blessed!

I just Christmas'd the Ronald McDonald House with groceries.


My co-worker really made my day by Christmas'ing me with a 2 liter pineapple soda. I usually get myself a 20 ounce, so, Glory to God! I'm grateful and appreciate this concept. Thank you so much!

We were at this Chinese restaurant and my husband and I decided to Christmas our waitress. When we give her a large tip and the "You Got Christmas'D" Card, she was very surprised and said a lot of " Happy Holidays" to us. :) Then I could see she was reading the little card we passed to her. I don't know whether she will come to newhope, but I know God wanted to bless her through us, and we are very happy!

I was behind a woman in line at a store and the young cashier was new. The woman caught the fact that he only charged her for one pair of jeans when she bought two. That in itself was a Christmas'd moment for me! I offered to pay for the second pair of jeans and handed her a "You got Christmas'D" card. She smiled and hugged me. I also caught the relieved, but puzzled, look on the cashier's face. I hope he felt Christmas'D too!

A co-worker blessed my family and myself with Gas Cards, and Various Gift Cards. God is so Awesome, I didn't let anyone but the Lord know my request and she handed each one to me in the form of a Gift Card. We have truly been Christmas'd, Thank You!!!

I love, love, love this idea of spreading the love. I work at a small preschool with about 40 families. God put it on my heart to Christmas all the familes. This weekend I made special Christmas ornaments and baked cookies for each family. I also made special ornaments for each of my co-workers. It felt so good to surprise everyone on Monday morning. They were truly surprised and appreciative. I also Christmas'd the person behind me in the Chick-Fil-A line. The employees there were just as excited I was to pass the blessing on. It's great to see this spreading.

I just got Christmas*D at work.. I would never have known about this wonderful idea and concept if it hadn't been for the wonderful gift I received this morning. My family and I will have a very special, wonderful dinner because of this person's thoughtfulness!! We will definately "Pay it forward" ..WOW! :)

Today I went to Wendy's for lunch. I placed my order and when I got to the check out the lady said that the person ahead of me paid for my lunch. Although it was very cool to get Christmas'D, what was even better was the fact that the 11 people before me had paid for the lunch of the person behind them. So of course, I paid it forward...or backward ;-). I also had the You Got Christmas'd cards on hand so I gave them to the check out girl. She was so excited that I had the "cards" and was interested to see how long the generosity would last.

I can't even believe how exciting it is to do this! We went out for lunch after church on Sunday. When I pulled my wallet out, I saw the "Christmas*D" cards in there and thought, "Why not now?" So, when the couple behind me in line ordered, I stepped up, swiped my credit card and turned to them and said "Allow me. Merry Christmas!" and handed her two cards. She was speechless! I mean, jaw dropped speechless. My heart was racing! It made my day to see someone so happy and unexpectedly touched. There's nothing like it :-)

I was working at California Pizza Kitchen last night. A nice family came in and had me as their server. They were a very nice family. Polite, smiling, not demanding; a joy to take care of during a long day. I have only been serving a few months and am finally feeling like I'm getting it. So, my tips have finally been getting better and better. Their bill was $50; they left me a $25 tip. Thank you to that wonderful family and I will pass it on and "Christmas" a server when I go out!!!!

My husband, son, and I were at a drive thru this Sunday morning on our way to church. When we got to the window the cashier said the person in front of us paid for our meal and handed us this card. It was so inspiring that others are out spreading Love and the Love of Jesus Christ through generosity. When we got to church my Apostle was speaking on the Blessing of Abraham and the Love of God and how He blesses His children and how to receive and give. This is a manifestation of God's blessings and how He loves us so much. May God continue to Bless the ministry you are doing. This is awesome!

I have been praying that my wife get Christmas*D by someone other than me, her husband. Let's just say she needed it. I came home from work and she wanted to go to a specific Lowes Hardware, which is not the closest. We were looking for good deals on paint. A Lowes employee, in the paint department spent a lot of time with us. We found out we needed 5 gallons at $28 each. We sighed. Tom looked at us and said, "If you get it tonight, I will mark each gallon down to $5." We looked at each other and said, "We just got Christmas*D!" I thank God for an answered prayer!

I am a nurse and couldn't really find anything on the list nurse-related so I thought of one on my own. Buy someone's medications for the month of December due to hardship of the holidays and stress that comes along with it. I surprised a couple with their medications and they were in shock. The next day they called me when they realized I paid for it, and said, "You have sacrificed so much. You will be blessed for this in your future. We will never forget what you did, and God won't either." Two hours later we had an anonymous indivdual walk into the office with a envelope labeled "for your needy patients". Inside was a letter with $250.00 cash that said "Now use this to bless other people in need. We took our tithe money for the month of December so that you could use it to bless others. Merry Christmas." Never knew one act of kindness could turn into such a bigger act of kindess! Now that's a true testimony of "YOU GOT CHRISTMAS'D"!

I was at the Dollar Tree on Hwy 55. There was a man in front of me with his son. After he paid for his purchases, there was some sort of discussion between the 2 cashiers. When I approached the counter, the cashier said to me, "the man in front of you wanted to give this to the next person in line". It was a $10 bill with the card. The next day, I paid for someone's oil change at Just Tires.

We Christmas*D our waitress at lunch today. My favorite part of it all was that my 5-year-old was with me and was able to experience the feeling of "giving and running"! It was so much fun! I loved teaching him that giving without getting anything (not even acknowledgement) is an amazing feeling. We've decided to do one thing every day from now until Christmas!

I was shopping at a local store this evening and at check out there was this kind lady standing near me at the register. She said, "I would like to pay for your purchase." I'm startled , thinking I didn't hear correctly and I asked, "What did you say?" She repeated it. I was really taken by surprise because I've never had that happen to me before. I would like to say thank you again for kindness from someone I've never seen before. I will certainly pass it on and may God richly bless all of you for your good deeds.

Thank you so much to the amazing family that paid our bill for us tonight at dinner. We barely got to thank them as they slipped us our bill jacket back with 2 cards in it stating we had been "Christmas*D" at www.YOUgotchristmasD.com.  Awesome!! So, Thanks again to the family who so sweetly paid it forward for Christmas to two little love birds having dinner tonight. It was such a blessing and we really appreciate you. Thank you :)

Today I was at a restaurant and I overheard that my waiter (who looked really tired) was going to his next job after his shift was over. I left him a 100% tip and a You Got Christmas'D card. I hope it made his day a little better.

I went by my son's office for a short visit. I stopped at the local donut shop and bought a box of their made-fresh donuts and took them in with a You Got ChristmasD card taped to the top. When the thanks started, I simply said, "Spread the Love." My wife and I are so proud and thankful that GOD led us to newhope!!!!!

Thursday was a hard day for me. My electric was turned off and I was a wreck. I called my girlfriend all upset because I knew I couldn't give my family a good Christmas. Well little did I know, my neighbor downstairs heard me. She heard me say these words, "It's been 3 years since I have given my mom a Christmas gift cause of bills and I said, 'Not this year! I don't care I'm giving my mom something!" Well I came home tonight and my neighbor asked me to come downstairs and she gave me a very beautiful gift for my Mom. I am so grateful. God works wonders and he has broken me and pulled me out.

A member of the church I attend in Lindin NC has been experiencing some medical and financial challenges. She is a widower that depends on her sister also elderly and a niece for care. She is very outspoken about God and his goodness. She is approximately 82 years old and makes it a point each Sunday to share the word of the Lord. God led me to give her a card with a financial blessing. I live in northern VA, I traveled to the church in Linden some 300 miles to give her the card, but she was not present that Sunday. I asked God if he had really spoken to me to give her this blessing because on 28 December 2012, I will be unemployed. God spoke to me again and said yes, in blessing this widow you will be blessed. I returned to NC the next Sunday, making the same 300 mile drive and was able to deliver the card and financial blessing to her. I thank God for obedience and faith.

I went through the drive thru this morning and paid for the meal of the person behind me. The cashier was really nice and smiled about the whole thing - when I got to the window to pick up my order, they had Christmas'd me with a large coffee!

I just got Christmas'D! Someone left me a little wrapped box at work... I opened it to find a gift card to California Pizza Kitchen! My family and I will love using this and sharing a meal and some time together! What a blessing!

I can't wait to I was leaving the gym and saw a lady ringing the Salvation Army bell (it was a cold/rainy day) and asked her if I could go across the street and buy her Wendy's for lunch. She looked at me with a look of total surprise and said, "Yes ma'am, that'd be really great." She was totally surprised with her #1 combo meal - hehe.

I was in line buying some toiletries for my family and the lady in front of me paid for my things and handed me a card telling me I had been Christmas'D! She invited me to church​ and I went. I met and accepted Christ there! I cannot wait to take my family with me this coming Sunday! 

I got Christmas'D this morning! I came into work to find a beautiful poinsettia on my desk with a 'You Got Christmas'D' card! It seriously added some holiday cheer to what had been a stressful morning. What a great reminder of the spirit and gift of this season! Now...off to use this card to Christmas someone else! :) 

I have already Christmas'd someone and I decided to do it again since it was so fun the first time around. I brought banana muffins to my teachers with the You Got Christmas'd Card to go with it. They were so happy to have a student like me. One of my teachers even asked me to make more for him! LOL

I took my 6-year old daughter with me to work and we went out for lunch. Saw a group of Chapel Hill firemen having lunch. Got our waiter to bring us their bill. Waiter put a you got Christmas'D card in with their paid bill. Was fun to see their faces. My daughter loved it too!

In our small business, if our customers pay after the 1st, they normally have to pay a late fee. We are Christmas'ing them by suspending late fees!

I went through a drive-thru and decided to Christmas the lady behind me in line. I asked the man at the window if he could give the lady the "You Got Christmas*d" card. He asked what was this then read it, and said "Huh, how cute, you got Christmas*d". I looked in the rearview mirror and saw the big smile that lady had on her face. It made me so happy to make someone's morning that I shared the story with my two co-workers and they to want some cards so they can Christmas someone!

As I went through the drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts, God told me to Christmas the person behind me. Trouble is, there was no one in line behind me. I'm like, Lord, there's nobody there. God said it again, "Christmas the person behind you." I look in the rearview, still nobody there. So, as I'm waiting on my order I've decided well, I'll just leave a set amount with the cashier for when somebody comes, even if the think I'm nuts. At that very moment, a black truck rounds the corner behind me! I paid for his order, left the card, and went on my way. This one was a lesson in faith for me; all God needs is for us to trust Him, even if we don't see or understand why He's asking us to do something. I love this program; it's like your own personal Make a Wish Foundation. My prayer is that it restores people's faith in community and in God, because we know God's Spirit resides in community.

I just Christmas’d a few neighbors with a poinsettia on the front step!

When I first came to newhope last summer and saw my friend April, I was overjoyed. It was nice to see a familiar smiling face. As my husband spent some time in the hospital April blessed us with homemade meals. When she shared with me that she was really tired and needed a break, I decided to Christmas her with an hour long massage! She did the happy dance she was so excited. I can't wait to Christmas the next unsuspecting soul with the Love of Jesus!

Just pre-payed for some gas at a station in Durham. Someone is in for a surprise!! #YouGotChristmasD

I just got Christmas'd by my brother-in-law and his wife... I am on my way to Greensboro to see Nicole Nordeman, Jeremy Camp and Mark from Casting Crown!


I am a server in a local restaurant. A local homeless person came in to the restaurant and began asking how much for this & that & the other thing. Bottom line is he got Christmas*D when he went to pay his bill. Gave more joy to me than him LOL. I believe God will show us where & when to share the LOVE.

My neighbor stopped to visit with me yesterday afternoon and I was sharing with her newhope church's Yougot Christmas'D, she asked if she could keep a card, I said, "Of course!" This morning I was getting the mail and that same neighbor had put a Thanksgiving card in my box expressing how blessed she feels to have a great neighbor like me with $200 dollars cash in it. I have been unemployed for almost a year now. I am single Mom of two teenagers and I am working towards finishing my college degree one class at a time. The last day to pay for next semester class is due this coming Monday, I didn't know how I would be able to pay for this and the holiday season too but I put my faith and love into Jesus' hands and trusted in Him that He would find my way. My class is $230.00. Tears are just flowing down my face right now as I write this to you because I was out trying to spread the love and encouraging others to spread the love, I didn't expect it to find me. P.S (I gave my first tithe EVER this past Sunday)

Christmas'D a table at Cheesecake factory. They were in awe and will never know it was me.

So since last Sunday when Pastor Benji announced the "You got Christmas'D" movement, I have been looking for a way to "Christmas" someone else. The opportunity came this evening when we went through the drive through at McDonald's. I paid for the car behind me and asked the nice lady working the drive through window to please give the person the "You got Christmas'd" card. Although she initially was a little puzzled at my request, a smile soon spread across her face and she asked me my name. My 9 and 10 year old sons were in the car with me and of course asked what I was doing. That launched into a discussion on the way home about the idea behind this movement and soon my boys were thinking of ways that they could participate! I am thankful for these moments to share with my kids ways we can all help spread the love of Christ in simple ways. We can't wait to "Christmas" someone else. :)

I found out about the Christmas'd idea and decided to try it out. So I made brownies for the local volunteer fire department up the block from me. My mom took me and I surprised them with yummy treats and a Christmas'd card and I felt good... I never really thought giving was better than getting since I am still just a kid and all but it actually felt nice to do something fun for someone else!!!!

Just "ChristmasD" our waitress @ Shiki Sushi with a generous tip! To whom much is given, much is expected. Spread the love everybody :)

I decided to pay for the lunches of the two hard working secretaries at my job. They got Christmas'd and were so appreciative. I encouraged them to share the love.

My son had surgery Monday, November 26th and has been having a very hard time with pain. Today a teddy bear and balloon were left for him with a card wishing him a fast recovery, and telling him he'd been Christmas'd. We cannot wait for our turn to pay it forward and spread this love to someone else :) Much love from a very grateful mother :)

I was at the drive thru tonight and wanted to pay for the man behind me. I told the cashier to give him the card and he looked at me and asked what it was? I smiled and said that it was me doing something nice for someone and to tell the same thing to the man behind me and to keep it going. What an adrenaline rush!

Love, love, LOVE the Christmas*D Movement!!! It has to be one of the best parts of this Christmas season! Anonymously Christmas*D two sick kids at the UNC Children's Hospital today. I didn't know the hospital protocol or any patients there at all, but the gift shop had lots of toys and balloons, the staff couldn't have been more helpful, and the 7th floor nurses were happy to make the special deliveries for me. Hoping a couple of kiddos got a special surprise to make them smile! I've been smiling ever since I left!! 

I Christmas'd the people behind me in the drive through today. I could see the confused look on the woman's face suddenly disappear as she began to smile at the other people in the car. I felt so giddy. This feeling is addictive. I can't wait to Christmas the next person.

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